Tough on Crime

We must work to find a better solution to the drug epidemic. Those solutions come from a multitude of factors including job creation, recreation opportunities, and social programs.

Transparency and Reform

We support the effort to enroll the city government into Ohio's Checkbook. It is essential that citizens have access to expenditures and revenues that go beyond current budget sheets. We shouldn't have to publicly request where our tax dollars are going. It should be available 24/7, online.


The city council must attract more economic development and high paying jobs through non-traditional means, e.g. quality of life aspects, recreation opportunities, and green infrastructure.

Money left on the table

We must take advantage of federal and state grants available to us and coordinate to make sure we get the most out of them. This includes developing a ten-year budgetary plan and looking into creating a citywide recycling program.


We must reform our building codification in order to attract entrepreneurship in our city and create more equitable enforcement.

Moving into the future

We should look into partnerships for electric vehicle charging stations, better road materials for longevity, ways to expand our parks and recreation, and create a Downtown Revitalization Action Plan (DRAP).

Yard Signs

There is a lot that goes into a winning campaign. That's why we are relying on our grassroots supporters to put up yard signs and let their yard campaign for us! Sign up via the link!

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